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About Us


After years of working in warehouses and factories he decided that now was the time to work for himself. Conversations started, as they always do, and with Harrison they decided to launch Fabioni’s. From that moment on, Sean found himself immersed in a world of ingredients and recipes. A far cry from steel toed boots and manufacturing lines. After twelve months of rigorous planning, he got to see Clyde, Fabioni’s first fully kitted Pizzeria van, in all his glory.


Growing up cooking has been at the heart of the family. However, when the time came to leave school, he was undecided about where he wanted to go. During the next few months Covid hit, grinding any tentative plans to a halt. This gave him time to reflect, and from that, a new plan was formed. Soon the family kitchen was turned into a working kitchen where Pizzas and new recipes were tried and tested, knowledge was passed on and understanding was gained. The beauty of catering is you never stop learning and coming up with new ideas that you just have to try.


At the tender age of sixteen, Wendy’s chef career started in her hometown of Preston in Lancashire, before moving to Oxfordshire and then to Hampshire. Only three years later Dotty found herself on the Island of Jersey where she won ‘Young Chef of the Year’ alongside a collection of gold medals for ‘Modern Main Meat Course’ & ‘Modern Main Fish Course’. In 1995 she returned to England and began to train with the Wadworth chain, leading her to manage multiple sites before settling in Gloucester. It was here that Dotty met her future Husband and the rest they say is history. Fast forward twenty years she has now passed along her knowledge and expertise to the business owners and together they laid the foundations for Fabioni’s.

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