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Finger Buffet

If you follow Fabioni's you'll notice that we describe ourselves as "More than just pizza..." It's not just a slogan, we really are more than just a pizza company.

From the recipes to how we bring experiences to our guests, everything we do is down to a process carefully and thoroughly created to ensure that the event you hired us for is filled with memories to last.

As we move forward, "More than just pizza..." can't be any more true!


Cheesecakes & Desserts by Eloise

Head over to and have a look at all the other beautiful looking and delicious tasting desserts

Supporting local businesses is very important to us! We all grow quicker when we help each other.


A selection of fresh finger sandwiches, perfect for afternoon tea


Sliced Melton Mowbray Pork Pies  


Bite sized quiches of 3 kinds. Satay chicken skewers. Chicken breast strips marinated in satay sauce and oven baked.

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